How to be more productive at work

How effectively are you managing your own personal energy? The defining mantra in the modern workplace is, “More, bigger, faster.” More information than ever is available, we are expected to juggle more balls than ever and get more done in less time. Managing your energy levels in this environment may be the key to success. Read more

What the ant and the elephant teach us about leadership

I am great believer in the power of the parable, the fable, the story, the case study. I use stories frequently in my talks, sessions and in my writing. When people hear an inspiring tale that they can visualize, it helps them to remember the moral of the story and the lesson to be learned. Read more

Free PowerPoint-Tastic Templates – #057: Under the Hood

Each week, the Fast Track Tools training company and the Cubicle Ninjas design firm work together to publish a template that makes it easier for you to communicate your ideas. This template will help you communicate how something could and should be re-engineered. What’s under you hood? Is it a hamster on a wheel or a shiny new V8 engine? Read more

What leadership has to do with love

Last time, I wrote about hearing Howard Schultz speak during his book tour for launching Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul. It was an eye-opening interview. He spoke about the word “love” and what it means for someone to love what they do, to love the company they work for and to love a brand and what it stands for. Read more

The art of the tell, Part 3

This is the third in a series of lessons from Peter Gruber, a producer and executive producer of movies such as Rain Man, Batman, The Color Purple, Midnight Express, Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey, The Witches of Eastwick, Missing and Flashdance, which have earned over three billion dollars worldwide and more than 50 Academy Award nominations. Read more

The art of the tell, part 2

In the last post, I shared stories from Peter Guber, who has long relied on purposeful storytelling to motivate, win over, shape, engage and sell. His executive and entrepreneurial accomplishments have made him a success in multiple industries. Today’s post extends Peter’s lessons! Read more

Get in the act – improve your career

Play it safe, do your job, stay on the sidelines. Or join the show, learn new tricks, learn from your mistakes and advance your career.

Every kid loves a parade. I did. Read more

How to demonstrate superiority with body language

Prominent male members of the British Royal Family are noted for their habit of walking with their heads up and chin out while gripping one palm with the other palm behind the back. This gesture is also used by the policeman patrolling his beat, the principal of the local school when he leisurely walks through the schoolyard, senior military personnel and others in positions of authority. Read more

More non-verbal cues to help you succeed in business


In this third part of a series about body language that impacts salespeople, we focus on interpreting the thumb and finger rub and take a look at what clenched hands mean. Read more

Body language in sales: hands steepled – a positive or negative gesture

Fingertips in the steeple position is one gesture that can be understood and interpreted in isolation from other gestures. People who are confident, superior types or who use minimal, restricted body gestures often use this signal, and, by doing so, they convey their self-assured attitude. Read more