Three tips for communicating to your staff

Cascading information through an organization is an art. If the CEO of your company wanted a one-inch, round, blue dot on every bathroom door in every building, how long would it take to communicate those instructions, and what would the outcome be? Read more

How to improve your ice breaker

We’ve all heard the ice cream introduction. A facilitator asks you to give your name, position, how many years you’ve been with your company and your favorite ice cream flavor. Read more

Bucket lists aren’t just for retirement

In business, we always plan at least a quarter out, and often the strategic plan can extend five to ten years into the future. How about your life plan? What do you personally want to get accomplished in the next decade? Read more

How to persuade an audience

If you believe you would benefit from techniques to make strong connections with your audience, to inspire and make important changes, you should be exploring the techniques shared by Nancy Duarte, who recently presented a webinar at UCLA entitled: That Resonates with Me! How to Persuade Any Audience. Read more

Should we abandon PowerPoint?

Matthias Poehm, President of the Anti-PowerPoint Party of Switzerland is blaming PowerPoint presentations for a negative economic impact in 193 countries worldwide. Poehm calculates that 85% of employees and students who view presentations with PowerPoint believe the slides are “killing motivation.” Read more

How to facilitate a meeting that gets things done

Have you ever felt like you were imprisoned in a meeting? Many people have. Most meetings in corporate America gather great minds around the table. The challenge is getting everyone’s ideas to surface in order to move to consensus and take action! Read more

How to change people’s behavior

I have been traveling the past week while also preparing to present at the 2011 Senior Sales Executive Conference. My topic is, “Driving Collaboration and Effective Change Initiatives.” I have been using Tom Kelley’s Advice and thinking like a traveler. When we travel, we open our eyes and see things we may not usually see. I was looking for signs of people driving change. Read more

How to introduce humor in public speaking, part 2

In the last post, I shared some tips to help you get your presentation off to a good start via humor. When your audience laughs, they may have a tendency to see things your way. At the very least, if you can keep them amused, they won’t fall asleep! In this post, tips #5 – 10! Read more

How to introduce humor in public speaking, part 1

President Barack Obama exacted his revenge last weekend after weeks of attacks from his would-be Republican challenger Donald Trump, joking that the billionaire businessman could bring change to the White House, transforming it from a stately mansion into a tacky casino with a whirlpool in the garden. Read more

How to demonstrate superiority with body language

Prominent male members of the British Royal Family are noted for their habit of walking with their heads up and chin out while gripping one palm with the other palm behind the back. This gesture is also used by the policeman patrolling his beat, the principal of the local school when he leisurely walks through the schoolyard, senior military personnel and others in positions of authority. Read more