Cultivating strong talent takes time

Blackberries and the Internet make the line between home and work easy to blur. But vacations and work need a strong line drawn. While at play, collecting factoids and stories is about the only thing close to work I want to be doing. After finishing a long weekend in Paso Robles wine country, I can count the stories, but did not read a single email! Read more

Rich descriptions really bring the point home in business communication

Where can you learn to be a better business presenter? Maybe at a music concert?

Madeleine Peyroux, the French American singer/ song writer could teach us a few things about business communication. From a structural standpoint, Peyroux’s aim as a writer involves: Read more

10 tips to make the most of business travel

Last month, I was traveling in Chicago on St. Patty’s day along with a few members of my team. I was reminded of this today, when a colleague was reminiscing about the fun evening. I make a habit of enjoying local culture when I travel for business, but not everyone does. Here are 10 ideas to help make your next business trip fun for you and your team mates. Read more

How to turn “win” into “winning” – strategies for success at work

When was the last time you played Scrabble? If it’s been a few years, you may be a little rusty. How can that be? Isn’t it just spelling words? If you are a true competitor, you know that there is more to it.

The recession encouraged people to spend less on media and going out and to return to basics for entertainment. Yes – “game night” is back in vogue. Read more

Love – Work – Play

Corporate America frequently banters about the statement, “We work hard, but we also play hard.” However, these days, it all seems to be about work. Every quarter, we hear about how much more efficient and profitable companies are after layoffs and cost cutting. The reality is that many people are now doing multiple jobs, which translates into less time with family and friends. Read more