How to be more productive at work

How effectively are you managing your own personal energy? The defining mantra in the modern workplace is, “More, bigger, faster.” More information than ever is available, we are expected to juggle more balls than ever and get more done in less time. Managing your energy levels in this environment may be the key to success. Read more

How to prepare for “cultural fit” questions, Part 2

Last time, I raised the question of how to prepare to interview in a way that illustrates the all-important cultural fit with a company. What makes this a complex issue is that having a strong set of values that guide your actions and explaining those values are two different things.

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Before the interview, think about your values

The big interview is approaching… How did you land it? Someone may have referred you. You could have submitted a resume to an online job site. Or, you may have been tapped on the shoulder and asked to go for the big promotion in another division. No matter how it began, you are there because — on paper — you are qualified. Read more

How to succeed in a new job or project – go to your “mountain spot”

When starting a new job, I have coached many people on the value of those first 100 days. It’s the time to be the new guy. Enjoy learning and building new relationships. No one can mandate trust; you have that grace period to build trust with your colleagues. Read more

Get noticed, get hired

Type your name into Google. What comes up? If you are active on LinkedIn, you will likely see a link to your profile. Scroll down the first couple of pages and see what a future employer will find when they do the same search. Many things can be done to manage your on-line identity and one of those is to create a page. Read more

Are you a prisoner, vacationer or a learner?

When you attend a training program or seminar, you are likely in one of three categories – a prisoner, a vacationer or a learner – based on how you view yourself relative to the session. Read more

What does your personal brand say?

Personal branding is so often today measured in page views, Twitter followers and friend counts. Numbers don’t lie, if your fan base is constantly on the rise, you are saying something that people want to hear. The big question, are those the people that will give you a job? Read more

Interview buzzwords – are you using them well?

The language of business is littered with buzzwords. What’s in your wheelhouse? Are you an outside of the box thinker? Tell me about a game changer. At the end of the day, it’s about one thing. Who has the bandwidth to keep up? If you choose to use buzzwords in an interview, you have to be prepared to explain the concept. Read more

Be ready for the next big job

When the dream job opens up, you better have your ducks in a row and be prepared. Following simple rules, such as always having your resume updated, is a start. But it will take more than just a good resume to get the perfect new job in this tight job market. Read more

Getting a job is selling; learn from the best

You may not have a career in selling, but the job hunt is all about selling. The hunt for your next role is like a full-time sales job. You are working a wide number of prospects, qualifying each one, presenting yourself as the solution and working towards closing the sale and getting the job. Read more