Free PowerPoint-Tastic Templates – #076: Streamlined Process

Each week, the Fast Track Tools training company and the Cubicle Ninjas design firm work together to publish a template that makes it easier for you to communicate your ideas. This week we bring you a template to help you communicate a process or streamlined work flow. Often, you need to help your audience understand why a process is better or more efficient that before. This will get the job done Read more

How to use a story to challenge a buyer’s thinking

Good friends, good food, and good wine always lead to stories, so it’s no surprise that I have a second post from the wine trip that I mentioned earlier in the week. This is post for any seller who has challenged a customer to think differently, but the customer did not at first respond well. Read more

The most successful business owners tell the best stories

The best trade-show on earth, well that’s what our group called this past weekend at the Savor the Central Coast wine event near Paso Robles California. It offered rows of booths to visit and everyone wanted you to like their product the best – similar to a trade-show. As easy as it was for each seller to give away wine, the best storytellers were the winners. Read more

Get in the act – improve your career

Play it safe, do your job, stay on the sidelines. Or join the show, learn new tricks, learn from your mistakes and advance your career.

Every kid loves a parade. I did. Read more

10 ways to improve your observation skills (and your career), part III

How did you do on the observation test? If you found your observation skills lacking, it may be something to consider working on, as

For people who plan to become the leaders of tomorrow, developing a keen sense of observation is a must. Read more

Problem solving and your career, part II

In Part I, I suggested how to frame a question so you know how to begin to find an answer. Hopefully, you took some time to think about, and outline, the underlying issues. What is causing the problem? What are the potential answers to the problem? Once you have a hypothesis, you can focus on a solution. Read more

7 questions to consider to help solve a problem, part I

Remember back in grade school, when you first learned about the scientific method?

Wikipedia defines it:

Scientific method refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. Read more

Access the executive suite to improve career prospects

I’m a big proponent of seeking out and working with mentors to help propel your career. In fact, your path to success may depend on the right mentor. There are many ways to steer your career and benefit from strong leadership. Read more

Improving your career prospects vs. sticking with what you know

Every year, I say, “This is it. I am done adopting new technology. It’s too expensive and how can I truly become an expert if I am constantly abandoning last year’s technology and adopting something new?”

The luddite way seems simple – stick with what you know. Then the newest gadget or website convinces me I will be more efficient or somehow my life will be better. Read more

Leadership tokens remind you to be open to new ideas

In the fall, I made a trip with my wife to Woodstock, Virginia to visit family. If you have not been there, I would highly suggest a visit during early October to see the brilliant leaf colors. This is a truly inspiring area with deep roots in conservation. In the late 1800s, this was an area of stripped lands that has been radically transformed into beautiful lush forests. Read more