Get in the act – improve your career

Play it safe, do your job, stay on the sidelines. Or join the show, learn new tricks, learn from your mistakes and advance your career.

Every kid loves a parade. I did. Read more

Learn how to learn to propel your career

To improve the learning process, climb the learning ladder in stages.

Have you ever learned something the wrong way? For me it was golf. I play occasionally, but never bothered to really learn the basics. Recently, I decided to focus on improving my game. Read more

How to run effective meetings: 5 tools to build consensus

Consensus building tools help you get through meeting impasses or inaction.

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Tell your company why they should invest in you – free ebook

First, prepare. Then say, “I have a plan. I can make a difference, but I need your support.”

After 20 years of working in both large and small companies, it seems to me that most people want to make a difference. Most know what they are good at and how they can contribute. Many also know their shortcomings and have plans to improve in those areas. Read more