Interview buzzwords – are you using them well?

The language of business is littered with buzzwords. What’s in your wheelhouse? Are you an outside of the box thinker? Tell me about a game changer. At the end of the day, it’s about one thing. Who has the bandwidth to keep up? If you choose to use buzzwords in an interview, you have to be prepared to explain the concept. Read more

Telling the hi-po story in a job interview

No, that is not a misspelling. Please don’t tell the story of a hippopotamus in a job interview unless you are applying to work at the zoo! Hi-po is a term used to describe high performers, and, at most companies, that list exists. If you have been on the list, make it a point to highlight it during your interview process. Read more

How to prepare to answer all interview questions with 5 responses

Having conducted thousands of interviews in my career, I find candidates are either under- or over-prepared for the interview. While I prefer someone who is well prepared, the under-prepared candidate still does better than the one with scripted and canned responses. Read more