What does your personal brand say?

Personal branding is so often today measured in page views, Twitter followers and friend counts. Numbers don’t lie, if your fan base is constantly on the rise, you are saying something that people want to hear. The big question, are those the people that will give you a job? Read more

Interview buzzwords – are you using them well?

The language of business is littered with buzzwords. What’s in your wheelhouse? Are you an outside of the box thinker? Tell me about a game changer. At the end of the day, it’s about one thing. Who has the bandwidth to keep up? If you choose to use buzzwords in an interview, you have to be prepared to explain the concept. Read more

What the “roach coach” has to do with YOUR brand – how to listen to your customers

The industrial strength “roach coach” is a mini restaurant on wheels. Previously confined to construction sites and garages, now the roach coach prowls office parks offering office personnel a fried breakfast and lunch. Read more

Problem solving – Big Bird style

Looking at holiday pictures this week reminded me of the story my mother told for years. It was about the time that Big Bird invoked my curiosity and a lifetime interest in problem solving. It was Christmas Eve, 1977. I was so excited; I had received the Bradley Big Bird Talking Alarm Clock. It had to be wound like the formal clock on the hearth, not something I was allowed to do at age five. Read more