How exerting influence without authority can win you the job

The time has long passed when the power of influence was exclusive to those who held higher positions. Influence without authority is now possible. When do you have the least amount of authority? Yes, when you are unemployed. Read more

Telling the hi-po story in a job interview

No, that is not a misspelling. Please don’t tell the story of a hippopotamus in a job interview unless you are applying to work at the zoo! Hi-po is a term used to describe high performers, and, at most companies, that list exists. If you have been on the list, make it a point to highlight it during your interview process. Read more

How to be ready if your dream job became available tomorrow

The perfect job is out there and, when it appears, you have to be ready. People get promoted, some get fired, companies create new jobs, and you never know when that perfect opportunity will open up. Don’t wait. Be ready for that opportunity. Read more

Your path to success may depend on a mentor

A mentor, whether formal or informal, can help you succeed in life and in your career.

Music was Ray Charles’ single driving force. It catapulted a poor, black, blind, orphaned teenager to a national treasure and an international phenomenon. Through his efforts, rhythm and blues became universally respectable, jazz found a mainstream audience and country and western grew to worldwide popularity. Read more

Tell your company why they should invest in you – free ebook

First, prepare. Then say, “I have a plan. I can make a difference, but I need your support.”

After 20 years of working in both large and small companies, it seems to me that most people want to make a difference. Most know what they are good at and how they can contribute. Many also know their shortcomings and have plans to improve in those areas. Read more

5 questions to uncover your weaknesses in an interview

When interviewing with a former colleague, friend, or for an internal position, the hiring team probably knows your strengths. This is when they can really twist the screws and turn up the pressure by probing for weaknesses. Here are five questions that could make you squirm a little. Read more

What motivates us? It’s not what you think!

Dan Pink has a great video out about what motivates us. Hint – it is not what you think!

In addition to being fun to watch (take my word for it), he shares really surprising research about what compels people to perform. An MIT study has demonstrated that, once you get beyond rudimentary cognitive skills, higher financial rewards actually result in LOWER performance! Read more

Get the job in 60 seconds or less

What do you do? The infamous question asked over and over again at social gatherings the world over. It’s a simple question and no one expects to hear a line by line account of your three page resume. You have 60 seconds or less to give an inspiring answer. Go! Read more

How to get a headhunter to call you

Hunting for a job is itself a full time job, and right now the competition remains high. Wouldn’t be nice to get a call from a headhunter and be told about a dream opportunity in the ideal city for twice what you thought you were worth? It happens every day. Professional recruiting firms such as Heidrick & Struggles make up an $8 billion industry. Here are a few tips to get your phone to ring. Read more