10 ways to improve your observation skills (and your career), part III

How did you do on the observation test? If you found your observation skills lacking, it may be something to consider working on, as

For people who plan to become the leaders of tomorrow, developing a keen sense of observation is a must. The crux of the technique lies in simply keeping your eyes and ears open at all times and never failing to register what you see or hear. Some great habits that can help you build your observation skills are:

  • Trying to look at every day life in a clear manner.
  • Trying to judge people and their perceptions.
  • Always trying to ask questions to people or in your mind.
  • Being open to new experiences.
  • Being open to new ideas.
  • Practicing good listening skills.

Andrew Cox suggests these ten behaviors and habits of thought critical for developing accurate observation skills:

Sizing up people – people watching

Clarity – seeing the world as it is

Curiosity – asking why

Listening skills

Willingness to set aside personal biases

Willingness to seek the inputs of others

Seeking out new experiences and possibilities

Being comfortable with ambiguity

Knowledge of the behaviors and attitudes of people

Self-knowledge – accurately knowing your own behaviors, attitudes and personal skills, and how they impact others

The NYPD has been known to train officers in observation by having them view art.

If you want to be a strong leader, you will need to hone these critical areas. Spend some time focusing on these often-overlooked skills. Once you know enough to be able to frame the question and have observed the problems, you will be in a good place to think about how to communicate your ideas to win!

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