Making business planning as much fun as summer vacation

For the past few weeks I have been planning our summer vacation. I somehow, against her better judgment, convinced my wife to join me (with our two dogs) for a month-long RV trip throughout the western U.S. The planning process shed some new light on how to approach business planning with the same vigor and excitement. Read more

Learn how to learn to propel your career

To improve the learning process, climb the learning ladder in stages.

Have you ever learned something the wrong way? For me it was golf. I play occasionally, but never bothered to really learn the basics. Recently, I decided to focus on improving my game. Read more

How to run effective meetings: 5 tools to build consensus

Consensus building tools help you get through meeting impasses or inaction.

Don’t let your meeting get bogged down due to an impasse or sudden lack of attendee action. Learn how to retain and combine members’ best contributions and maximize results. Read more

How to be ready if your dream job became available tomorrow

The perfect job is out there and, when it appears, you have to be ready. People get promoted, some get fired, companies create new jobs, and you never know when that perfect opportunity will open up. Don’t wait. Be ready for that opportunity. Read more

Your path to success may depend on a mentor

A mentor, whether formal or informal, can help you succeed in life and in your career.

Music was Ray Charles’ single driving force. It catapulted a poor, black, blind, orphaned teenager to a national treasure and an international phenomenon. Through his efforts, rhythm and blues became universally respectable, jazz found a mainstream audience and country and western grew to worldwide popularity. Read more

Tell your company why they should invest in you – free ebook

First, prepare. Then say, “I have a plan. I can make a difference, but I need your support.”

After 20 years of working in both large and small companies, it seems to me that most people want to make a difference. Most know what they are good at and how they can contribute. Many also know their shortcomings and have plans to improve in those areas. Read more

Big challenges ahead of big dreams?

Big dreams often come with challenges and hurdles that must be navigated and overcome. No matter the obstacle, dreams are at the core of most great ideas. But what if the barrier was a law that would not allow you to pursue your dream? Here are three people who would not let that stop them. Read more

Cultivating strong talent takes time

Blackberries and the Internet make the line between home and work easy to blur. But vacations and work need a strong line drawn. While at play, collecting factoids and stories is about the only thing close to work I want to be doing. After finishing a long weekend in Paso Robles wine country, I can count the stories, but did not read a single email! Read more

Access the executive suite to improve career prospects

I’m a big proponent of seeking out and working with mentors to help propel your career. In fact, your path to success may depend on the right mentor. There are many ways to steer your career and benefit from strong leadership. Read more