Leadership tokens remind you to be open to new ideas

In the fall, I made a trip with my wife to Woodstock, Virginia to visit family. If you have not been there, I would highly suggest a visit during early October to see the brilliant leaf colors. This is a truly inspiring area with deep roots in conservation. In the late 1800s, this was an area of stripped lands that has been radically transformed into beautiful lush forests. All the locals are very proud of the history and are happy to stop and tell you the tales of how this town that looks like the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting was re-built and maintained.

Just outside of town we all visited the Marsh, Billings, Rockefeller National Historical Park. Here you will find the Mansion, a fascinating time capsule of the 1960s Rockefeller era. The house is in a beautiful setting, hidden from the road by a series of hedges. It was left to the National Parks Service with all the furnishings and personal effects intact, so the interior is a curious but delightful design mix, from Tiffany windows and Hudson River School paintings to kitschy plaid rugs and some very modern Yankee ingenuity. The guide was quite knowledgeable and blended some wonderful personal detail with insights about each era.

I noticed while in Lawrence Rockefeller’s office that he had a collection of antique scales and I asked the guide about the collection. She had the same question and once spoke to a Rockefeller family member about the weighing machines. Rockefeller was known for placing the devices around his office to remind him to always have a healthy balance of work and play in his life. The family member then went on to say that it also reminded Rockefeller that something as light as a feather could change his mind and tip the scale. He always wanted to be open to new ideas.

Most of us could use a little reminder of balance in our lives. What else could you use a reminder to help you focus on it? For me, it is teamwork; I keep a carabineer on my desk to remind me of an event in my life where I had to rely on someone else to keep me from falling. I never want to forget those that hold me up and those that I support. The carabineer is the token I see every time I sit down at my desk.

Find your tokens, and place them around you. Don’t be shy about telling the story, either. The concept of leadership tokens can impact everyone around you.

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photo by Katrina Snaps. Used by permission.


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