How to be ready if your dream job became available tomorrow

The perfect job is out there and, when it appears, you have to be ready. People get promoted, some get fired, companies create new jobs, and you never know when that perfect opportunity will open up. Don’t wait. Be ready for that opportunity.You don’t want to have to pull an all-nighter the day you find out your boss is moving on and you want the job. A few steps will ensure you are ready. Some may sound basic, such as always keeping your resume updated, but it’s even better if everyone around you is aware of your accomplishments.


Your resume is an important document that you should re-visit at least quarterly to document your accomplishments. If you are really planning for a dream job, think about getting some professional help to prepare your resume. Keppie Careers can not only write a world-class resume that will get you noticed, but also provide coaching regarding how to advertise and market your accomplishments.

A little PR is a must. At a minimum, ensure those around you know your contributions to successful programs. As your career progresses, consider speaking at industry events and telling a wider audience about what you can do.


Even if you are well known and the opportunity seems to fit like a glove, don’t forget the basics. The cover letter and resume has to be customized to the recruiting criteria. The HR department doesn’t just create job descriptions to amuse themselves. Find the key themes and integrate them into all communications regarding why you should get the job. Don’t overlook anything. Be prepared to send thank you notes after the all-important interview.


This is your dream job, so make sure you are prepared. You can get a lot of advice about how to prepare for an interview; I endorse practicing your top five interview stories. But, if this is really the big one, you have to approach the decision makers or those nearby before the interview. If possible (for example, for an internal promotion), find out what is important to each person on the interview committee. Think through the top objectives of each decision maker. It may be a top sales job you want, but if someone on the committee is most concerned with customer services, be prepared to talk about how you will improve customer service.

Tomorrow may be the day. Are you prepared? What if you were presented with a great opportunity but had not done any planning? Today is the day to plan for your ideal job.

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