Leadership tokens remind you to be open to new ideas

In the fall, I made a trip with my wife to Woodstock, Virginia to visit family. If you have not been there, I would highly suggest a visit during early October to see the brilliant leaf colors. This is a truly inspiring area with deep roots in conservation. In the late 1800s, this was an area of stripped lands that has been radically transformed into beautiful lush forests. Read more

Change for change’s sake does not equal success

Good ideas fuel companies. Isn’t there some commercial that says, “Business is changing at the speed of light?” Any successful business needs top talent to help it stay ahead of the crowd. It is much better to be ahead of the curve than chasing it. Think about it – are YOU ahead of the curve? Read more

Are you the world’s best? How to market yourself for career success

Who is the world’s best wine-o? If you spend much time on the Venice Boardwalk in California, then you have probably met Bobby. He donned a sandwich board over 20 years ago that boldly claims he is the “World’s Greatest Wine-O.” I’ve never seen him take a drink. In fact, most of the time, I see him posing for pictures with tourists and charging them $5 for the photo op. Read more

Reach your career goals quickly – Fast Track Tools helps you communicate to win

Good ideas and a great vision are not enough to be successful today. Winners need an authoritative, convincing, articulate presentation. In response, Fast Track Tools has launched a unique, interactive, career-boosting, online workshop that provides practical, actionable information and resources for early-career and experienced professionals alike. Read more

How to get hired and paid three times more

Looking through some holiday photos and festive occasions that included eggnog reminded me of a story that demonstrated the importance of paying a premium for a perfect hire. It all started when my wife, Katrina, came down with a cold. I think I may have mentioned before that we are from the Midwest, where part of every cold remedy includes food. Read more

Love – Work – Play

Corporate America frequently banters about the statement, “We work hard, but we also play hard.” However, these days, it all seems to be about work. Every quarter, we hear about how much more efficient and profitable companies are after layoffs and cost cutting. The reality is that many people are now doing multiple jobs, which translates into less time with family and friends. Read more

Ken Revenaugh offers Fast Track Tools to solve your communication problems

How Fast Track Tools
Came to Be

Hi, my name is Ken Revenaugh. I developed Fast Track Tools because
I was sick and tired of watching bad ideas win.

You know the drill: Someone passionately advocates for an idea and clearly communicates why it should be implemented. Read more