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To improve the learning process, climb the learning ladder in stages.

Have you ever learned something the wrong way? For me it was golf. I play occasionally, but never bothered to really learn the basics. Recently, I decided to focus on improving my game. I realized that I had skipped some learning steps along the way and needed to start from scratch if I really wanted to master the game. In essence, I needed to apply the same learning model I employ when teaching my “Communicate to Win” workshop.

This model is a variation of the one popularized by the late psychologist Thomas Gordon about 30 years ago. It assumes that all learners mastering a new skill (whether it’s playing a sport, speaking a language or managing people) must take a step-by-step approach without skipping stages.

Knowing Gordon’s learning stages will help you recognize and identify how you can successfully reach the top rung of your learning ladder.

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