Budget cuts? Lower my expense account but don’t touch my bonus!

America’s businesses have trimmed the fat (and then some) from their expenses. The federal government has found a way to (barely) cut spending, cover (for now) its debts and (again, for now) avoid tax increases. With a pending double dip, where can companies cut? Read more

Tuning sales operations for growth

Ouch. Your sales force just missed another deadline, putting launch of your new product line in jeopardy. What’s wrong? With a broader, end-to-end look at what they are doing, you might just find significant opportunities to help free up more of their time for selling instead of the other necessary activities that aren’t managed most efficiently and may be done elsewhere. Read more

How to convince customers to buy what you’re selling — even if you’re the “little guy”

Often a company uses dealers or resellers to get their products to market. Enabling the seller in this situation means influencing someone who does not work for you to deliver your message and sell your product. This makes it more complex for the person responsible for supporting the sales team. Continental Tire has found a way to engage their dealers. Read more

Delivering and measuring customer service: This isn’t rocket science!

Sales professionals are unique animals, but typically very competitive and passionate about their roles in organizations. They impart insights to potential customers and steer the prospect towards a decision in favor of their employer. Read more

New Sales Enablement Ideas – SAVO’s AMPs, Part 8 – First-Line Sales Leadership

The first-line sales manager arguably has the most important role in any organization. Key performance indicators such as percent to plan, growth, close ratios and employee engagement can almost always be linked to the leadership, coaching and mentoring provided by the sales manager. Read more

Sales process for the starving masses, part 2

Earlier this week, I described an exercise from Michele Rochon, a business development and marketing professional in the engineering industry designed help instill process into your selling program. This cake-baking exercise provides your sellers a real understanding of how to address customers’ needs and sell successfully. Be sure to read part 1! Read more

Sales process for the starving masses, part 1

Can you use baked goods to improve your sales process? While “letting them eat cake” did not work for Marie Antoinette, it may work for you. Michele Rochon, a business development and marketing professional in the engineering industry describes a fun exercise for instilling process into your selling program. Read more

How to create stories to drive action

Great storytellers can cut through the noise and produce tremendous value for organizations at a very low cost. Telling a solid story is just as essential as developing a great product. One of the most important roles to fill when trying to build a passionate community is that of the storyteller. Read more

Try an online white board for your next virtual meeting

“Online collaboration.” Easy to say, harder to do. Yes, we have Skype and Web Conference solutions like GoToMeeting, but how do we replace the white board where so many good ideas happen? Movements like White Board Selling embrace the interaction that happens when using visuals to tell a high-impact story. Read more

Pabst Brewing tips on selling

Beer sales person? Really, companies need a sales person to sell beer? Yes, and it is a competitive business, where shelf space is at a premium. I recently got to talk to Chris Steflanci, Pabst Brewing. After years at Heinekin leading the sales charge, he has landed at what I would think of as my father’s beer. Read more