3 tips to tell authentic business stories

Becoming a good storyteller is key to being able to succeed and communicate well. People enjoy listening to stories and it is a lot easier to drive a point home by using an effective metaphor, powerful descriptions, or tales that will win your audience’s hearts and minds. Read more

How to solve problems in corporate America

Too often, we begin to pontificate, offer opinions and attempt to solve problems without taking the time to truly understand the situation at hand. Intellectually, we know the best approach involves asking the right questions, discovering the details, being patient and listening to the full story, but often that is not how problem solvers in corporate America proceed. Read more

Ken Revenaugh offers Fast Track Tools to solve your communication problems

How Fast Track Tools
Came to Be

Hi, my name is Ken Revenaugh. I developed Fast Track Tools because
I was sick and tired of watching bad ideas win.

You know the drill: Someone passionately advocates for an idea and clearly communicates why it should be implemented. Read more

NBC’s Jay Leno and Conan debacle is a lesson in bad ideas winning

I’ve written a lot about the topic of “good” ideas gone bad, but was inspired to pen this post today by a tweet from Suzy Welch.

What is the best evidence of a bad idea? When the decision makers have to revert to a prior idea and shelve the new concept. Read more