Hardwiring sales training for business results

It’s not uncommon for a learning a development team to brand themselves as an internal university, but Oakwood Temporary Housing can be proud to be delivering on that message. The internal Oakwood University has been recognized as one of Training Magazine’s Top 125 for the 5th consecutive year! Read more

Just say no? Not a chance

Any sale is an investment of time, money, personnel, facilities and other resources intended to produce a return of cash. Any sales opportunity that is not likely to produce revenue, or enough profit, does not warrant an investment. However, walking away from a specific opportunity does not mean walking away from the customer. Read more

Relationships do matter in sales

A quick search of Amazon for books about how to sell will give you access to nearly 700,000 ideas about how a sales person can win faster and more often. One topic receiving little press lately is the value of the relationship between buyer and seller. The days of stopping by with donuts in hand and getting the decision maker to place an order are probably gone, but strategic relationship plays are alive and well. Read more

Miller Heiman interviews Ken Revenaugh on sales playbooks

October 22, 2009 – Ken Revenaugh explained how Oakwood Temporary Housing changed its organization to dramatically increase win revenue in an interview with Miller Heman, available for download with a sign in.

Miller Heiman noted that Ken described how “Prior to the 1990s, effective relationships existed with customers at the branch level. Read more