How to persuade an audience

If you believe you would benefit from techniques to make strong connections with your audience, to inspire and make important changes, you should be exploring the techniques shared by Nancy Duarte, who recently presented a webinar at UCLA entitled: That Resonates with Me! How to Persuade Any Audience. Read more

How to make a sale

Remember your last big personal purchase? You had to define your needs, develop a budget, explore options and make a decision. That’s not too different from a purchase made in the business world. I was reminded of this today. Read more

Plan “spontaneous” rewards for your team

It is worth your time and effort to understand what motivates your team of salespeople? After all, they (and the revenue they generate) represent your business’ life. Hiring the best sales people and giving them the tools to succeed is important, but keeping them motivated is critical. Read more

Should we abandon PowerPoint?

Matthias Poehm, President of the Anti-PowerPoint Party of Switzerland is blaming PowerPoint presentations for a negative economic impact in 193 countries worldwide. Poehm calculates that 85% of employees and students who view presentations with PowerPoint believe the slides are “killing motivation.” Read more

How to be more productive at work

How effectively are you managing your own personal energy? The defining mantra in the modern workplace is, “More, bigger, faster.” More information than ever is available, we are expected to juggle more balls than ever and get more done in less time. Managing your energy levels in this environment may be the key to success. Read more

Rory’s Cubes urge business people to weave a tale

Need a great icebreakers and want to reinforce a need for creativity in your organization? Look no further than Rory’s Story Cubes. Read more

How to engage your audience during a presentation

Engaging your audience is the most important thing when giving a presentation. My friend Tim Riesterer at Corporate Visions always reminds me, “There are two moments when your audience is most engaged and retains information. When you start speaking and then again when you tell everyone that you are about to wrap up. Research shows listeners lose interest in the middle of the presentation.” Read more

Six tips for visual storytelling that sells

People connect with stories while listening to businesses proposals and ideas. Some people are born with an innate craving for telling their story with PowerPoint slides. But, there are other ways to engage your audience when visuals are necessary. Read more

Budget cuts? Lower my expense account but don’t touch my bonus!

America’s businesses have trimmed the fat (and then some) from their expenses. The federal government has found a way to (barely) cut spending, cover (for now) its debts and (again, for now) avoid tax increases. With a pending double dip, where can companies cut? Read more

Small rewards for workers go a long way

Meet Khalid Mahmud, factory manager for National Foods, Pakistan’s largest maker of spices and pickles. He has a few things to teach us about reward and recognition. Companies across Pakistan’s industrial heartland are struggling to cope with rising insecurity, incessant power outages and government corruption and inefficiency. Read more