Communicate to Win: 029 – Hearing the Call for Action

Congratulations! Together, through 28 posts, we explored the basic concepts behind my Communicate to Win program. Read more

Communicate to Win: 028 – Creating Your Own Brand

Dr. Seuss had many ideas. However, can you imagine his story without the title Green Eggs and Ham? This is how he might describe this idea without this well-known title… Read more

Communicate to Win: 027 – Making a Declaration

We have looked at using vivid descriptions and leveraging metaphors and analogies in previous posts. Continuing my look at using the power of language in your communications, declarations are a simple way to avoid over complicating your narrative. Read more

Communicate to Win: 026 – This Rings as Clear as a Bell

Continuing to look at the power of language, in this post I’ll focus on lexical diversity through leveraging metaphors and analogies. When you use greater lexical diversity, relying on a variety of terms with the same meaning rather than using the same word repeatedly, it shows you know your topic well. You exude confidence. Read more

Communicate to Win: 025 – Do You See What I See? Using Vivid Details

In previous posts, I’ve stressed the importance of crafting a good story. Use the power of language laced with vivid details to connect with your listeners while you are telling a story. When you can drive your point home with colorful descriptions, you are seen as the authoritative expert on the topic. Read more

Communicate to Win: 024 – Writing Your Story

There’s always an implicit contract between the storyteller and the audience. It includes a promise that the listeners’ expectations, once aroused, will be fulfilled. Listeners give the storyteller their time, with the understanding that it will be spent wisely. For most people in business, time is the scarcest resource. The storyteller who doesn’t respect that concept will pay dearly. Read more

Communicate to Win: 023 – Tell Me a Story

Previously, I looked the five stages an audience goes through – from unawareness to action. In order to engage an audience, you need to make an emotional connection between them and your presentation. You can accomplish this through storytelling. Read more

Communicate to Win: 022 – Move ‘Em to Action!

In the next several posts, I’ll focus on key components to developing persuasive narratives. Most often, an audience has at least a basic understanding of your topic. However, you need to move the audience from that state of minimal knowledge, or what I call unawareness, to a state that makes them want to follow your advice – you need to call them to action. Read more

Communicate to Win: 021 – Designing Strong PowerPoint Decks

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the slide library is available to help you design PowerPoint slide decks. Click here to download the slide library. Beyond this, as part of my blog, in conjunction with Cubicle Ninjas, we regularly publish additional slide templates that make it easier for you to communicate your ideas. Read more

Communicate to Win: 020 – Tips for Using the Best Exhibit Slide

Exhibit slides typically answer five types of questions. Based on the question your exhibit slide is answering, here are my tips for choosing the right exhibit slide to portray your information. Read more