Leadership and standards of excellence – create and achieve customer service standards

The former head of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain once said, “Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction…you must improve.” He set out to find a road map to reach just that goal. The inspiring story will motivate you to raise the bar and find your road map to 100% success. Read more

How to design a fun and productive meeting

The following is a guest post about designing well-organized meetings by Miri Zena McDonald, an organization development and communications strategist on a quest to help companies thrive by engaging employees, improving culture and promoting wellness. She tweets at @miri_orgchange.

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Can leadership be taught?

Many had gone before me, but I was a skeptic. I remember asking my boss what I could learn from climbing up a 40-foot tall post, balancing on a small platform and then jumping off? It didn’t seem relevant at the time. In the deep woods of Arkansas, I was proven wrong. Read more

10 tips to make the most of business travel

Last month, I was traveling in Chicago on St. Patty’s day along with a few members of my team. I was reminded of this today, when a colleague was reminiscing about the fun evening. I make a habit of enjoying local culture when I travel for business, but not everyone does. Here are 10 ideas to help make your next business trip fun for you and your team mates. Read more

How to improve your leadership abilities – journal!

Who journals these days? We blog, we use Twitter and Facebook, but does anyone journal? Is it a lost art? I say no, keeping a journal is key to planning for the future. When best to think about the future but early in the year? So here I am, journaling. I suggest that we should all journal at least once a year. Read more