Storytelling sells: what is your story?

Premium brands all have stories to help endear their customers to them. Whether you are a global luxury brand or not, a story will help drive a premium for your product. BMW has long history of creating performance vehicles that started with the production of engines for early airplanes. Read more

Using fictional storytelling techniques in business, part 3

Of course, stories in the business sphere don’t always fit into this tidy framework. Regardless, they must have sufficient detail to make the story authentic and vivid. Physical detail will help give your story vividness and pull someone in, because it creates a dream state in the mind. When crafting stories, be as specific as possible. Read more

Using fictional storytelling techniques in business, part 2

In the wildly successful book Made to Stick, authors Chip and Dan Heath offer an easy outline to remember when trying to make ideas memorable and convincing: SUCCES (simple, unexpected, concrete, credibility, emotion and stories). And there’s a reason they put stories in the acronym’s last spot. Read more

Using fictional storytelling techniques in business

“Once upon a time…” Need I go further? You know you’ve entered a story. Perhaps you prefer something a little more straightforward: “Call me Ishmael,” “I am an invisible man” or “Mother died today.” The simple act of telling a story demands attention whether it starts with the fantastical or the concrete. It’s the difference between academic and business-speak and barroom banter. Read more