Communicate to Win: 029 – Hearing the Call for Action

Congratulations! Together, through 28 posts, we explored the basic concepts behind my Communicate to Win program. Throughout the series, I covered…

  • Understanding basic communications and your particular style: parts 1-4.
  • Defining a problem and creating your SCQ: parts 5-8.
  • Employing project management principles and organizing information to problem solve: parts 9-11.
  • Leveraging the Magic Number Seven Rule, the Pyramid Rule, the Rule of Thirds and voice mail and email tips to structure your communication: parts12-16.
  • Employing the techniques for working with text and exhibit slides, like using talking headers, to take your fabulous ideas and turning them into compelling presentations: parts 17-20.
  • Using the Slide Library to give your presentations a consistent format: part 21.
  • Becoming aware of the process of developing persuasive narratives. The goal is to develop a narrative that will move your audience from unawareness to a state of belief that makes them want to follow or act on your advice. Adding vivid language and equivalents, metaphors and analogies to brand your personal narrative: parts 22-28.

You have received many planning tools throughout this series of posts, but planning is only valuable if you make the commitment to take action. Only you can use this knowledge and insight to enhance your career. The best way to get on the fast track at work is to increase your contributions and the visibility of those contributions.

Take a look at these questions. Answer each of them, supporting your commitment to take action after working throughout the Communicate to Win series of posts…

  • What is exhilarating or exciting about the possibilities for me when using these concepts?
  • What are the possibilities for my audience?
  • What makes me nervous or hesitant to use this advice in my world?

Yes, implementing something new can be a bit unnerving. Keep in mind, even using only a few of the plethora of ideas I provided throughout the series can enhance your written, verbal and overall presentation skills. Additionally, the old adage is true, practice makes perfect. Remember all the great speakers we see today practice their speeches over and over again.

Communicate to Win and your next big idea will be heard and implemented!

Contact Fast Track Tools to access our Communicate to Win web-based training course or to schedule a live Communicate to Win workshop at your company.

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