How firms can rock revenue

October 7, 2010 — recently quoted Ken Revenaugh on the subject of how firms can rock revenue. The article notes that one main reason that firms fail is that “Their sales and marketing units aren’t aligned. They often have different goals.”The article suggests the following to solve the problem:

Zero in. “Sales and marketing must share the same objectives and messages with clients.”

Reward unity. One reason they’re not aligned is “CEOs and other top-level execs often pit the two departments against each other.”

Eye details. Clear objectives are the key.

Hash it out. Marketing and sales execs should meet regularly, outlining goals and following up to ensure alignment.

Go by the book. Create a sales playbook, as Oakwood Temporary Housing recently did. “The playbook consisted of new approaches in line with customer needs,” said Ken Revenaugh, vice president of sales at Oakwood.

“At every stage in the sales process, the playbook shows what the salesperson is supposed to do and gives the marketing tool — a digital postcard or flier — that belongs with it,” Revenaugh said. “We also have a sales playbook Web site that provides additional coaching and tools for salespeople. Almost every problem can be solved using the site.”

The playbook, Web site and sales-marketing alignment boosted Oakwood’s revenue by $27 million in 2009, he says.

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