Ken Revenaugh a finalist for two prestigious Stevie Awards

January 19, 2010 – The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service have announced the 2010 finalists for their prestigious annual awards. Ken Revenaugh is named in both categories for which he was nominated: Sales Process of the Year and Sales Coaching Program of the Year. (You may download a PDF of the nomination text HERE.)Revenaugh notes, “It’s an honor to be selected as a finalist in these categories. This continues to support the transformation efforts of Oakwood Temporary Housing and the focus on building a client-centric organization. The entire sales team has worked hard to reach this point. I could not be more proud of where we are today.”

Sales Coaching Program

The Oakwood Associate Review (OAR) Coaching Program, created by Ken Revenaugh, operates on the principle that success in sales comes, in part, from managers working in a coaching culture, side-by-side with their reports, rather than in a “get it done” culture that previously existed at Oakwood Temporary Housing.

As a result of the program, Oakwood’s management capability has improved and reporting/coaching relationships strengthened. The objective of the OAR is to drive desired activities via collaborative teamwork with a focus on planning – to inspire the team to perform beyond where they knew they could.

Using the coaching program to overcome challenges regarding the organization’s culture, the implementation, training and methodology was extremely successful, resulting in improved communication throughout the organization and impressive early results in Oakwood’s bottom line.

Sales Process of the Year

Being successful in sales takes more than stamina and ingenuity. Having a process helps ensure reliability and success. Oakwood’s sales team had been functioning on the fly – doing what “seemed right,” with no metrics, no benchmarks and no methodology. Based on Revenaugh’s experiences and research, he and the team knew that identifying and institutionalizing Oakwood’s best practices would be a key driver of success.

Challenges included creating systems for consistent results and identifying what success looked like for the organization.

Revenaugh instituted a process by way of the “Sales Playbook” that completely transformed how the sales and marketing team does business with the goal of achieving a best-in-class sales and marketing go-to-market framework. The main target of the process was to teach the team how to “win fast and lose fast.” Oakwood associates now spend less time on losing prospects and focuses on winnable deals.

As a result, sales associates learned how to win more in less time. Wins and total win revenue grew exponentially.

Stevie Award winners will be announced at the 4th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service awards banquet at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on Monday, February 22.

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5 thoughts on “Ken Revenaugh a finalist for two prestigious Stevie Awards

  1. Congratulations….Way to go Ken……glad to see that you really spend only a minuscule amount of your time in my office…
    and the rest of the day you actually work…’ve restored my faith in democracy!!!

  2. Congratulations on your website and your nomination for two Stevie Awards this year!! I hope you will have continued success.

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