3 ways to help you use storytelling to rally the troops

Allen Schoer has a lot of good ideas when it comes to storytelling! Read this post for some of his thoughts and my comments. In another article, he makes the point that anyone in a leadership role – particularly the CEO – must have strong storytelling skills to rally the troops.He notes:

“Powerful narratives can effectively re-frame the past, reposition the present, and stimulate innovation. The good news is you don’t have to spend time and money on strategic reviews, retreats and consulting services. Rather, you simply need to understand that being a CEO means that you are your organization’s Chief Storyteller.

I’ve often shared my propensity for storytelling and rich descriptions in a business setting. Storytelling is as old as the hills, and our tales demonstrate who we are and what we do. (At the very least, they demonstrate who we want to be!)


Schoer says that the role of the “Chief Storyteller” belongs to the CEO. That is true, but I believe anyone who has a good story and can tell it well, may contribute to an organization’s success. I’ve suggested my five questions to help you connect with your audience, but I also wanted to pass along Allen’s thoughts for your consideration. He suggests:

(1) Think of five different stories that made a strong impression on you. They could come from books, film, articles, your own experiences, etc. Post the most memorable moment in each of those stories.

  • What made it memorable?
  • Who were the most memorable characters and why?

(2) Look back at what you wrote to both questions above.

  • Do you find any similar ideas or themes?
  • If so, what are they and why are they so important to you?

(3) Over the next week, observe where else in your life those themes are also true (i.e. friendships, hobbies, other relationships, etc.). These are some examples of your core principles and values.

Focusing on your own core values and principles when it comes to storytelling is excellent way to find your own storytelling voice. When you are authentic, your audience will sense your passion and have an easier time connecting with you. Once you have that connection – your message will be that much more vivid and valuable.

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