Prestigious Stevie Awards honor Ken Revenaugh’s sales process

Miami Beach, FL – February, 2010 – Fast Track Tools founder Ken Revenaugh’s transformative sales process at Oakwood Temporary Housing recently received recognition from The Stevie Awards, the world’s premier business awards, governed by a board of distinguished judges, featuring many of the leading figures in business. They awarded Oakwood Sales Process of the Year.Revenaugh, Vice President, Sales Operations, Oakwood Worldwide, described how the Sales Playbook resulted from an intensive interview process and how he led a cross-functional team to identify top performers’ best practices and to focus on the Single Sales Objective (SSO). The nomination outlines how the resulting Playbook created a blueprint for strategic selling at Oakwood by documenting sales process and outlining how to close sales quickly. SSO moved Oakwood from an account management mindset to an opportunity management mindset and provided clear, measurable objectives to determine if sales were progressing.

Revenaugh noted, “This award recognizes the sales process, but the real recognition goes to a sales team that adopted a completely new way of selling and made it successful in record time.”

Importantly, Oakwood’s award-winning sales process includes the Fast Track Tools curriculum. As part of their training, all Oakwood associates take the Communicate to Win workshop.

Revenaugh explained, “Communicating with impact is critical to every sales person, but the need was heighted when the entire sales organization was going through a business transformation. We needed everyone to use the same process to identify problems, create solutions and present ideas. The Communicate to Win workshops gave us a common language for structured communication.”

Learn about the Communicate to Win workshops and how YOU can take advantage of the successful and tested process to help propel your career or company to win!

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